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                Home > Our Business > Commercial Circulation

                Our Business

                Logistics and trade sector of China Building Material Group, which uses China National Building Materials & Equipment Import & Export Corporation, BNBM Public Limited Company and China National Building Material Investment Co., Ltd. as main body, initiates import and export trade and Commercial Circulation business on the basis of powerful advantage on science and technology, research and development, products manufacturing and complete equipment of the group, creating the product and service brand with international reputation and independent intellectual property right, becoming the building material comprehensive service supplier facing the whole world and being listed as the key export support enterprise and key Commercial Circulation enterprise by Ministry of Commerce of China.

                Commercial Circulation

                Joint venture and cooperation: 10 hyper-type decoration and building material chain supermarkets have been built in Shenzhen and Beijing by the joint-venture with B&Q.  The cash-purchase and self-run department store has been built in Shenzhen by cooperating with Metro. The chain-style operation has been developed by cooperating with Saint Gobain. The group and its affiliated enterprises have become main suppliers for the business in China of those transnational retailing leaders.
                Self-owned operation: Building material and household appliance chain supermarket and China building material distribution center are established in countries and regions including Papua New Guinea, Australia, the U.S., Hong Kong and alike, becoming one of local powerful distributors. Building material and household appliance chain business in Papua New Guinea has been stably ranked No.1 of these industries of the country, which is recognized and commended by leaders of China, Ministry of Commerce of China and local government.