This company was started based on a feeling...

The feeling every mom gets after having her baby placed into her arms. Practically every emotion runs through her body. I remember the instant I delivered my son and I held him in my arms and looked down at him. The feeling I had was this baby is mine. He is natural, he is bare, he is loved. This is the feeling we want every mom to feel when using our products for her baby[bare]. When she see her son/daughter to relive that FEELING over and over again. Being a parent is by far the most rewarding gift.

Be Natural · Be Bare · Be Loved


Our Beliefs



Why Us?

The feeling of being able to say “I helped bring that product to life”, Baby Bare Essentials does exactly as its name. We offer essentials for your baby[bare]. Here’s what’s different about us. Before we launch any new product, we always ask our tribe of mama[bare]s their thoughts and opinions! We don’t like to have the feeling that we’re trying to tell mamas out there what to buy, but rather have the mama[bare]s tell us what they love, want, or need. We are here to provide the best quality goods possible. We want our mamas to shop and feel confident when considering products to use for their baby[bare]. If it’s in our shop it’s also in my house. I’m a mama[bare] after all and just like you only want the best for our baby[bare]s.