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Baby Bare Essentials' Bamboo Happy Bee & Beehive Swaddle Set! 

Our 'Happy Bee & Beehive' swaddle set offers true comfort for your baby[bare] while being extremely durable and enduring the constant day to day, wear & tear. Made from our snuggly soft viscose made from bamboo, it's the most comfortable and plush fabric to use on your baby[bare]s soft skin. As mama[bare]s we only want the best for our littles! The best thing is that our pre-washed swaddle blankets get softer with each wash!  


'Happy Bee-ing Home' Beehive's Bamboo Swaddle Blanket 

'Sweet As Can Bee' Bamboo Swaddle Blanket 

*Breathability - helps with issues other swaddles tend to have with overheating 

*Versatile - has multiple uses: swaddle blanket, nursing cover, stroller cover, etc... 

*Pre-washed and gets softer and more snuggly after each wash 

*Machine washable - wash on cold; dry on low 

*Size: 47" x 47" - large enough to calm and soothe your baby[bare] 

*100% Mama[Bare] Money Back Guarantee!

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